time tick tocks.


the hands pivot -
the incessant ticking
marking the passing
of time…
of breath.
the pervading darkness
no longer seeps
from crooked angles
the silence of space

the symmetry of perfection
never harkened these doorsteps -
for all is
as it ever was :
the heart still
of joyful beginnings
and bittersweet goodbyes.

smiles form more naturally

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biglietto da visita di morte.

biglietto da visita di morte.

the menagerie of my isolation
ripples in glittering waves
pulsating beneath my feet.
refractions of rainbow hues
encapsulate the wandering eye
and entice the starving heart
to drown in its beautiful depths.

i have been freed from one cage
only to find myself lost
in this prism-lined maze.
my foot falls sway my forward journey
marking my passage
in pain

the tranquil lullaby of…

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my writing process : blog tour.

i was nominated by a dear friend and exceptional talent, magenta nero, to contribute my thoughts on my personal writing process.

magentais by far one of the most talented story tellers i have had the privilege to read in the past few years. her words never fail to evoke the most visceral of reactions and i look forward to the vivid depth to which her pen aspires. she is a true inspiration for me…

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the storm.


the vestiges
of summer’s warmth
in the glooming
of the bell’s toll.

it harkens
the beginning of battle -
the inertia controlled wave
of desolation’s front line.

the impetus builds
until the tattered
brick and mortar bulkhead
under the wake
of profound grief

all is lost
and found
under the tumultuous
compounded weight.

the nymphs call
from the blackened abyss -

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inchiostro mai scritto.

breathe me in.
feel the saturation of my soul
filling – healing – melding with yours.
let all your sorrows fly on an exhalation,
for i am there – here – all around you
ready – waiting – to lighten your load
so you can once again…


c. 2014 b.l. ronan

ciascuno dolori inalatorie e prospera a causa di voi. lyttmab itlaatltbl xoxo

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the radiance of the morning
seeps though paper-thin gossamer
to bathe her world
in shades of red

the palate
a harmonious compliment
to the utter antithesis
of her being.

the essence of her soul
in palpitations of blue.

there is no mask
for the sadness
that leeches in shadows
upon the wall.

the illumination soothes
as it shatters
the tender
fragile healing
of her heart.


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kazoo. http://wp.me/s2Opsb-kazoo

i am plagued
by the magnitude of this moment -
this ever-present ache
of missing

trinkets of profound melancholy
bring a curve to my lips
and an ease to the void.

these postage stamp idols
hold the weight
of our love -
our unbreakable connection.

the longing bits of anger
and i am left
in the untold silence
of once whispered words
and tethered hearts.

the vestiges of this life

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ali di farfalla.

he wrote of their fragile beauty - a porcelain tenderness that begged to be cradled in the most loving embrace.

ali di farfalla.

he wrote of their fragile beauty - a porcelain tenderness that begged to be cradled in the most loving embrace.

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detelle : the lace challenge

detelle : the lace challenge

the blue-black of dusk spilled its inky hue across the once pristine sky. the expanse of the abyss held not a single cloud, yet the heavens held no beacon of light – no shining star. time moved forward and yet, time ceased its heady beat. the orchestra of life fell into complete and utter silence. the impending wait was finally over but all around her cowered, quaking in the shadows.

alone, she

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golden flecks of summer are a honeycombed ash dusting my skin. the translucent warmth is a reminder : of days infused in honeysuckle sweetness and nights rich in heady jasmine that robbed me of balance – of a once rooted centre.

here amongst the symphony of crickets and coconut laced breeze, i can relive the intoxicating supplication to the allure that is you.

the tangibility of taste tethers me…

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a glimpse.

the lightening of his spirit was tangible, as he watched the world breathe beneath the sun’s rays. the hour of the day was late, yet lush fields of green and speckles of vibrant blooms lay perfectly framed behind the expansive glass. the scenery of this weekly journey remained largely unchanged, but he never failed to marvel in the beauty that surrounded him.

pensive and slightly aloof, he…

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ash and bone.

she waits broken and bleeding
heedless of her ragged knees
or acidic tears,
as she lingers along the precipice
for someone to hear.

the world spins around her
oblivious to her racking pain.
she no longer finds solace in the heavens
and aches to relieve the strains.

the waning sun before her
leaves a chill upon the skin.
she rises embracing the shadows
and the oblivion within.

toes curled…

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the once sacred road.

the once sacred road.

the pervading silence
within the cavern-ness void.
my voice
once brittle but strong
now flakes
into the ash
of the forgotten.

the sell-by date has past
on crippled ladder rungs.
the wave of becoming
now drowning
beneath the ether.

stripped vocal chords
no longer recognize
the stitchings of their own

ties unravel
and in the blanketing nothing
to light.

my heart bleeds

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two-hundred ninety-two.

this glossy stylized perfection
holds a silver albatross of inkened hues -
a ballast of monumental proportions
yet minuscule in all it imbues.

it is the tomb that holds every ember
of the blue-black shadows haunting my soul.
two-hundred ninety-two heart beats
confined with nowhere to go.

there is a torturous dichotomy dividing me -
conflicting sides in a viscous war.
each screaming with ravaged…

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